Privacy Policy

1. Your Personal Information



Your Privacy Is Protected By Law

References displayed in the below Privacy Notice for ELYSIUM GYMS, including ‘ELYSIUM’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ are in correspondence to ELYSIUM FITNESS LTD. Along with our website which can be found at, registration number 13206789 and registered office to be found at 86-90 Paul Street EC2A 4NE, London, United Kingdom. This privacy notice refers to personal data that may affect ‘you’, the ‘client’, client’s guests, prospects or any individuals both internal and external with whom we interact.

This Privacy Notice will also display how we collect and process your personal data without compromising it and contains some information which may be legally required. This Privacy Notice may also be subject to interval updates and current modifications. Please find that it is your sole responsibility to stay up to date in reviewing the latest version of this Privacy Notice. This version was last updated on the 6th September 2021.

We control the way any data is handled or processed including data in correlation but not limited to clients, contractors, employees, service providers and commercial wholesalers. We are therefore the Data Controller and any queries or concerns regarding thus, should be sent directly to otherwise you may also make contact via +44 7984 977083.

In any case should you feel the need to escalate a query or complaint further with regards to Data Protection, you may also seek alternative support via . Ideally we would appreciate assisting with any instances prior to the ICO being contacted.

2. Ways in which we collect Data

Data may be collected or retrieved in one or more of the following ways:
• Signing up via the ELYSIUM Gyms App will prompt you to provide your personal data including name and email address.
• When you contact us to provide your feedback, enquiry or any other form of correspondence either internally or via an external link or social hub such as Google, Facebook, Instagram or App Store.
• When using the ELYSIUM Gyms website or signing up to our newsletter.
• When you agree to take part in any ELYSIUM Gyms surveys, events, promotional offer or other brand competitions in relation or collaboration to ELYSIUM.
• When you action to invite additional persons to your ELYSIUM Gyms session or for an ELYSIUM Gyms organised event, data will be held on those persons. This can include but is not limited to friends, business clients, relatives, or colleagues and their names and primary email addresses.
• Payments and transactional data will also be kept via the ELYSIUM Gyms App for any purchase of single sessions, add on time and/or packages. This may include billing addresses, invoices, transactional information, bank account details as well as credit/debit card details. Please note that ELYSIUM enables payment processing services via third party, Elavon, to process and access all payments via the ELYSIUM Gym’s application. Therefore, any monetary transactions will be made directly through Elavon and any further information supplied to Elavon is not within our control.
• We may obtain technical data in the form of Internet Protocol address, browser type, operating system and platform, login data as well as any information relating to the technology used to access our website and/or application including impressions and interactions. We may also use other monitoring technologies such as browser cookies, Facebook pixels and Google Analytics, to track ELYSIUM Gym’s website and mobile application performance. Please note, that you may have the option to decline the request of enabling cookies on your desktop or mobile application, however this may affect the integrity of our website and its features.
• Auditory and visual data will be obtained via the use of CCTV and/or other recording systems which provide imagery or video footage at any of our micro gym sites. This system will be used solely for the purpose of ensuring and maintaining safety for all entrants and users of ELYSIUM Gym’s as well as for the use of preventing any criminal activity and protecting the premises and its contents. This access includes but is not limited to clients, client’s guests, contractors, employees and commercial wholesalers. By using ELYSIUM Gym’s on entry, you agree and are aware that CCTV is in use at all times including during non-operating hours and all footage is saved securely and complies with all relevant laws. All recording equipment is strategically fitted in all sites to ensure full view of all company possessions except changing facility areas and/or wet rooms.

We may also use selective imagery or videography for promotional campaigns and social content. However, if we pursue this option, we will always make direct contact and notify those involved, prior to usage.

3. How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Information

•We retain all personal information for as long as necessary, however this stream of data is reviewed annually.
• Should you wish to have your data removed from our systems and no longer wish to be affiliated with or have access to booking and purchasing from ELYSIUM Gym’s, then please reach out directly to to log your request.
• In some circumstances, the provision of personal data from the client is necessary to ensure: any correspondence or complaints are handled with the highest service standards and efficiency, to comply with laws applicable to us and also, to maintain records or financial reports.

4. Marketing and Communications Data

This includes personal data which relates to your marketing preferences. This also includes marketing provided via ELYSIUM as well as third par-ties and the communication preferences supplied by you and your indi-vidual interests. At times, our ELYSIUM Gym’s website may present links which divert or navigate you to other third party websites and/ or other applications. By agreeing to these navigations and enabling these links, will allow third parties to collect and/or share data about you.
• Should you wish to cease any more marketing material from reaching you via ELYSIUM Gym’s, or you wish to no longer have your personal data shared, you have the right to exercise this by contacting us at to log your request. If, however, this applies only to the third party’s marketing preferences, then you will need to contact them directly using their correspondence details.
• We may also obtain and use certain aggregated data for any purpose however this form of data remains anonymous in all instances should it be used towards reviewing demographic and/or statistical results.
• ELYSIUM does not gather data on criminal convictions or offences, sexual orientation or preference, ethnicity or race, political or religious views.

5.Transfers Of Personal Data Outside Of The UK

• We will not process or transfer any personal data provided by yourself , outside of the European Economic Area unless you have asked us specifically to do so.
• If a legal duty presents itself in which we must share this data outside of the EEA, then we will always notify you prior to doing so.

6. Ways In Which We Use Data

• ELYSIUM may use the data provided to aid efficiency, update and maintain operational services to all its users, client’s and client’s guests. Ensuring that the highest level of service excellence standards are never compromised and that the client experience and journey is forever an improvement.
• To facilitate improvements and updates for both our website and mobile application offering.
• To register new clients and clients’ guests.
• To assist with hygiene and safety standards in all of our sites through the client rating system. This is composed via Google Play software and will prompt access to your personal camera and gallery, for images to be uploaded to the application.
• To gain access to client and guest feedback and create a stable correspondence network and community space.
• To ensure all relevant clients are kept updated with ELYSIUM news, application changes, offerings, competition winnings and latest marketing material as requested by the client.
• To comply with our own legal obligations such as health and safety legislations or assisting with a crime investigation involving the Police.
• To assist with protecting ELYSIUM further or to handle misuse of our website and/or mobile application.
• To assist with any medical instances where an emergency contact cannot be identified in time, ELYSIUM will assist in this absence.
• We may provide your data to third parties linked to ELYSIUM Gyms including but not limited to HMRC, Accountants, Lawyers, Police, Facebook, Instagram and other relative collaboration lifestyle brands.

7. Your Rights Correlating To Your Personal Data

• Subject to relevant data protection laws, you, the client, hold a number of rights, in connection to the processing of your personal data. This includes the right to request access to all your provided data upon registry and throughout the time of being an ELYSIUM client.
• To request that any of your incomplete or inaccurate data, be completed or edited to portray its updated accuracy.
• The right to request erasing of your personal data, in the instance that it is not for legal compliance purposes and the restriction of processing your personal data that we obtain at ELYSIUM. You may also have the right to report a complaint regarding the way in which your personal data may have been processed. Please contact us at for further information on logging a complaint.
• The right to obtain a Data Subject Request, transfer of data to a third party or a request for legal reasons.
• The right to cease any further marketing or promotional communications.

8. Links To Other Websites

• This listed Privacy Policy applies only to ELYSIUM Gyms and its sites. It is your sole responsibility to ensure full understanding if you choose to access a link to a third party website via our site. All third party sites carry their own privacy policies therefore we do not hold responsibility should any of your personal data be shared or connected through to them.

9. Accessibility

This listed Privacy Policy aims to assist with all relevant information regarding how we use, obtain and process your data in an accurate, transparent and accessible manner. If you require this policy in an alternative format such as auditory, large print or braille, please contact us directly at